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Is a website still relevant for Creatives?

I had forgotten how much work a website is.  I have test patterns to make, swaps to complete, and a whole lot of dyeing and video making to do.

But….here I sit working on my website.  At least I can sort of do it when the migraine wanes…. I don’t dare put needle to cloth until it is over.

Back in the fall when I decided NOT to have a website anymore (read previous blog for the sad details), I could not really come up with a good reason to put in all of the work. 

Fast forward to the New Year and having many new opportunities come my way to live the Creative Life, more than once a potential collaborator wanted to see my website.  Urgh…. I had to explain the whole thing and even to me it sounded weak.

I know that social media is THE way to go these days.  Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are essential tools.  Don’t be too quick to put the common, lowly website in the past though.  How many times have YOU googled something just today?  😁

Happy creating.  (p.s. – if you need help with that website of yours…..)

We are currently under construction.  Completed site should be live by June 1, 2023.
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