How my Blog Got its Name. The Story.

Dawn from As Sweet As Cinnamon (very cute name btw) was asking what our blog names are and where we got them.  I loved reading the stories, some cute, some comical, some a little sad…..but all special to their owners.

JustPlainLaine was born when I was a very small girl.  My parents named me Lesa Elaine – yes, Lesa with an “e” insead of the usual “i”.  My 9 year old sister was very upset because she wanted me to be named Elizabeth so she could call me Liza.  Our whole family gets called by their middle names instead of their first.  For example, my sister’s name is Debra Pam and we call her Pam, Terri Joy and we call her Joy.  I should have been something Elizabeth and she was going to call me Liza.


When she would call me Liza, I would say “I’m not Liza, I’m Lesa”.  To which she would reply, “You aren’t Lesa, you are Just Plain Laine.”

(she would leave the e off of Elaine).  Today,  everyone except the people I work with call me Laine.  I like it and I like JustPlainLaine!

That’s my story.  Pretty cool, huh?

4 Responses to How my Blog Got its Name. The Story.

  1. Yes that is a cool story. And I like the name. My daughter name – her real name – is Laina and I call her Laine all the time. Pet name you know.

  2. Great to hear again how Laine came into being. I have always liked this story. But it does raise one question, am I to call you Lesa or Laine from now on since I fall into two of the above catagories (co-worker and friend)? Let me know =)
    Love seeing all the great quilts you have been finding, fixing and making. So glad you have found this great outlet for your creativity! And to think that just a few years ago, you though quilting was challenging =)

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