I may have killed my Indigo Vat. :(

It got too cold.  I think.  I just couldn’t find a way to keep it warm enough but not too hot.

I debated quite a bit and finally decided to keep the first batch and revive it.  I hope.  I used the same method as the new batch and plan to slowly warm it to 110 degrees and cross my fingers and pray!  Grin

I also started a new Indigo vat with a new strategy.

Off to local box store for an enamel canning pot 20 quart (you may remember last time I used a plastic dog food bin).

Then I used my second batch of materials (Indigo powder, madder, soda ash & bran) in warm water.

Pulled out my retro Salton food warming tray and a blankie.

I put a ceramic plate under the plastic bin, and just set the enamel pot right on top of the warming try.

I set it to just above OFF on the dial (love retro, but really miss the ability to set a digital temp).

I will stir daily and hope they both live.  I need to get a few things dyed before the holidays.  LOL

I’ll keep you posted.  Hopefully the first vat will be revived and the second will survive.  Grin


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