This blog thing is hard!

I’m getting the hang of it though. Trying out new templates and finding my way around all of the options. Bear with me….it may change a lot over the next few weeks until I find something I really like.

No new news on the Baby Bean front. Still a few weeks away, but I’m getting anxious. I think I’ll have a whole new batch of goodies made by the time he gets here.

2 Responses to This blog thing is hard!

  1. I think there is a learning curve to blogging. I am still trying to figure it all out. I finally found a back ground and everything that I like, but I am trying to convince my husband that I “need” to hire someone to make me a custom layout. Eventually…. Good luck to you!

  2. Thanks Jandi! I have considered hiring someone as well. I have changed my “theme” several times and like what I have now best, but it still doesn’t seem professional to me. I don’t need fancy, but do want it to feel “right” – whatever that is, lol. I am having a custom header designed by Starfish Art (one of my links). The artist is AWESOME. But that is only one piece. Right now I would be happy to just be able to show comment text instead of “1 Comment”. I like to see what people write right away. Aren’t we quilters a patient bunch! lol Visited your blog and it is great. I love the pics with your kids.

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