Monthly Archives: June 2010

Found my patterns!

Today is the day. Gonna make some things. Gonna take pictures and I’m gonna put and put them on my blog. My therapist says there’s no such thing as trying – you either do or don’t do and it either works out or it doesn’t. So……. lol Check back later for the results, with pics,… Continue Reading

Scissor Keeper pattern

Tonight I have been searching for the perfect scissor keeper pattern. I know I saw one, but have no idea where it was. It was perfect. Is my memory good enough to re-create. Tune in tomorrow for another episode of…….memory quest for the scissor keeper. BTW….if anyone knows of one, please send ASAP. Continue Reading

49 Days….

til we are supposed to meet Baby Max! I can’t wait baby baby. Your Nonnie wants to hold you and kiss you and smell your sweet skin. You can even pee on me if you like! Come soon and come healthy Baby Boy! Continue Reading

How I got where I am today.

About six months ago I received the call every Mom wants to hear. They are gonna have a baby. Instant panic set it in. I know NOTHING about being a grandma. I don’t know how to do grandmommy things. Plus, I am not creative. Zip, zero, nada. My left brain is definitely in control. I… Continue Reading